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Please note that from May onwards and until further notice, ALL submissions for the parish magazine need to go to Liz, the Parish Administrator email: harwich.peninsular@gmail.com



  *****Knit and Natter and The Knitting Circle*****
are combining into one new group to be called:
‘Pins and Needles’
‘Pins and Needles’ offers a space for friendship, knitting, crocheting, sewing, whatever needlework you want to bring along. But if you just want to come and make friends and chat to someone then that’s fine too, and maybe learn a new skill along the way!
Tuesdays, 2pm – 4pm,
alternating between St Nicholas Church and the Mill Room at St Michael’s.
beginning Tuesday 12th October at St Nicholas Church
then Tuesday 19th October in the Mill Room.
For further info please get in touch with Dilly Salter or Janet Goodall.


NEW  On 30th January 2022 at 5pm, we will be hosting the Deanery Confirmation Service, with the Bishop of Colchester. If you would like to be confirmed or baptised and confirmed at this service, please let Margaret know so we can arrange some dates for preparation. If you are not sure what it means to be confirmed, or simply want to talk it through, arrange with Margaret to have a chat. Tel 01255 502033 sh.ma@btinternet.com




News and Notices

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