Harwich Peninsula Churches

At a Glance 

April 2019


Sunday 7th April          

8am                       St Nicholas’         BCP Holy Communion

9.30am                 St. Michael’s       Holy Communion

9.30am                 St Nicholas’         Morning Praise

11am                      All Saints’            Morning Praise

6.30pm                 St Michael’s        Evening Service for Lent

Sunday 14th April Palm Sunday   

8am                       All Saints’            Holy Communion

9.30am                 St Michael’s        Holy Communion

St Nicholas’         Holy Communion

11am                      All Saints’            Holy Communion

Holy Week

Monday 15th April    7.30pm          St Nicholas’         Night Prayer  

Tuesday 16th April    7.30pm          All Saints’            Night Prayer  

Wednesday 17th   for 7.30pm  St Michael’s        “Choral Tradition” singing group  

Maundy Thursday    7.30pm         Parish Eucharist   All Saints’

Good Friday              12-3pm           St Nicholas          Stations of the Cross       

                                      2pm-3pm       St Michael’s        Hour at the Cross

                                      3pm-4.30pm All Saints’           ‘Messy Easter’

Easter Eve                  8.30pm           St Nicholas’         ‘Service of Light’

Sunday 21st April Easter Sunday     

8am                       St Nicholas’         Easter Eucharist

9.30am                 St Michael’s        Easter Eucharist

                                St Nicholas’         Easter Eucharist

11am                      All Saints’            Easter Eucharist

Sunday 28th April     

8am                       All Saints’            Holy Communion

9.30am                 Parish Service at All Saints’ followed by APCM